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We're looking for a motivated, full stack Java developer, ideally with experience in Spring, Java 8 and micro services architecture. We run a dev-ops ish setup, so being familiar with architectures and how things might work when deployed would be helpful.

This role will be working on pricing management and real time feedback models for insurance pricing, providing APIs to 3rd parties to distribute these prices, along with working on the rest of our platform.

Get in contact if this sounds interesting.


Paid Summer Internship

We're offering two places to join our team full time for the summer (mid June to end of August - though we can be reasonably flexible). 

You'll be working in the team helping to build and maintain our Java/Spring micro services stack, learning about modern development practices and technologies and how they're applied in a real world startup environment.

Based in our Maidenhead office, you'll be working with teams in Australia and across the UK, so it'll be helpful if you're good with Skype as well as Java..

You'll probably be doing Computer Science, or some related degree, and have an interest in a career in Software Development in the future.


Full Time

We're looking for someone to join the team and take on the responsibility for our infrastructure.

Based entirely on AWS, our stack is a modern, containerised micro service setup.  We deploy very frequently and in doing so, we need to be on top of the infrastructure and applications, monitoring and managing them to support hundreds of thousands of customers a year for the insurance brands we support.

This role will be managing the infrastructure, ensuring security of systems, apps and data, tuning performance, and supporting other members of the team to achieve their goals.

You don't need to have a huge amount of experience with this, but a CS type degree and a desire to learn how cloud computing works and build systems that deliver is essential.