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Insurance. ReInvented.

Our story began in 1997 with a software company focused on eCommerce solutions for all sorts of clients, ranging from British Airways to Molton Brown, via kitchen appliances and candles.

In 1999, we developed the first website in the world where you could buy Travel Insurance instantly, online. Woo! Whatever next?

Well, next was for us to setup our own insurance business, in Sydney - one of us is half Australian (ahem). It's quite successful.

In 2014 we wanted to setup an external team and company to build from scratch a new insurance system that can use all the latest clever technologies without the limitations imposed by legacy stuff. That's Orpheus, and our Engage platform.

In 2018 we started to work on a new car insurance tech stack for our new startup sister company, Hedgehog, and this launched to the public in 2019, growing to 50,000 customers by 2021 - and pushing forwards from here! 

We're still working aggressively on both of these platforms to make them to best they can be, deliver customer service and outcomes efficiently and profitably for everyone involved. 

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